It's A Wanderful Life

Join us as we travel the world in search of good views, good food and a wanderful life!

It's A Wanderful Life

Imbibing is necessary on an 10 hour flight.

September 30th, 2017. Michael and I had moved nearly all of our earthly belongings into storage and our dropped our sweet Milo off with family. London was calling us!  We drove my car to our storage facility, unhooked the battery (obviously, Michael did this) and covered the car. We ordered an Uber and stood awkwardly outside the gate until he arrived.  Our luggage was way too much for this guys poor compact sedan and I had to buckle my Delsey into the front seat. Our driver was the best, though — he didn’t talk at all. Does anyone actually want the Uber driver who won’t shut up?

Our flight was leaving around 2PM and we got checked in and through security with plenty of time to spare; I’m chronically overly early to flights.  If we’re cutting it close, it’s because of my sweet husband (and as he’s reading this prior to posting, we must pause for me to tell him it’s true).  Thank the sweet baby jesus that we had extra time, because I had pushed the limits of the cheap nylon duffel bag I’d gotten off Amazon, both breaking the zipper and busting a seam.  Oh, for Pete’s sake.

Can you tell which one met it’s untimely death approximately 30 minutes into our trip?

Now y’all…you may never have had cause to notice how hard it is to find luggage in an airport. Take my word for it and also, don’t overstuff the shit bag you bought off Amazon.  I get it…if you’re already at the airport, through security, why would you need luggage? Maybe you bought one too many “Mile High” magnets or “Rocky Mountain High” t-shirts from the gift shops. Lucky for me, after some panicked searching through Denver International Airport whilst trying to keep everything contained in this godforsaken bag, I shelled out $45.00 for a sturdy backpack (with a fancy wheeling option that would never, ever be used), then proceeded to transfer all of my carry-on items in the middle of the terminal. Not shady looking at all.

Crisis Numero Uno of the trip out of the way, we finally boarded. We sprung for the Premium seats on Norwegian Air’s 787 Dreamliner — definitely the biggest plane we’d ever been on. A 10 hour international flight definitely requires some drinks and some leg room; these seats had both in spades. All of the drinks (alcoholic and non) were complimentary and we definitely took advantage of it, hoping to get a few winks of sleep as our arrival time in London was somewhere around 6:30AM the…same…day? Please don’t get me started on time differences.

This was the first view of my seat. I had to elbow this guy a few times to get him to remove his nasty, socked foot from my arm rest.
We’re ready!
They pop the champagne (ahem, sparkling wine) as soon as you get to cruising altitude!

Our seats also included dinner and a…midnight snack, I guess? I think they refer to it as either a light snack or breakfast.  My time stamp on this photo is 10:30 PM but it’s anyone’s guess as to what time zone we were in (look, I said I wasn’t going to get started on time zones). Anyone who knows me knows I love when food is included! It was actually a lot better than we expected. I got the steak option and Michael went with the fish and both were pretty delicious.  They both included a cheese and dried fruit course, a really delicious quinoa salad, rolls, a green veg and potatoes with the main and dessert.  I’m not being coy, we legitimately can’t remember what the dessert was. Chocolate cake, maybe?  The “light snack” was pasta salad, prosciutto, and a roll.  I think this also included a few wee chocolates.

“Complimentary” is my love language. You could just order from the screen!
I was tickled by the packaging on this little milk pouch!
One of many…
Our light snack portion of the flight

The in-flight entertainment was pretty good, as well. There was a fairly large movie selection, some TV shows (though only a select few episodes, so don’t expect to binge on anything here) and a few random games. We synced up our screens and watched one of our favorites, Music & Lyrics (when traveling to London, watching a Hugh Grant movie is a given, yeah?) and then I started Fabulous Beasts on my own and fell asleep about halfway through. No matter how much leg room you have, it’s always kind of difficult to sleep in a recliner situation. Sleeping helped me not consider the fact that we were flying over water for a long, long time. I’m usually OK until I start thinking about it…but when I do, I’m able to work myself into quite a frenzy. So I tried to stay asleep or at least play possum the whole time we were over the water, and I sure didn’t want to see where we were over the water on the screen until we got closer to land.

Phew, dry land.

We were genuinely so impressed with the crew on this flight. I’m not sure if they were just bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, as these flights out of Denver were fairly new, but they were just really excellent. Extremely friendly and accommodating.

The walk from the plane to the baggage area at Gatwick did seem like one of the longest ones of my life! Getting our luggage and losing our passport virginity at Immigration went fairly smoothly. This is kind of where our day went downhill. Guys, it was early and we were tiiired. In our next installment, Michael and I sweatily trade-off nervously watching our bags (scarred by all of the horror stories of how bad pickpockets are in London) and trying to get tickets printed 6 (or was it 7?) times between the two of us.

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